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Containerised Diesel Generators

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Containerised Diesel Generators

Built in robust and durable containers, our containerized generators are designed for various applications.

We offer a standard range of containers featuring key features such as aluminum floors, mechanical louvers, internal lighting, and high-grade silencers. These containers house generators ranging from 800kVA to 3000kVA, manufactured in 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft sizes.

Bespoke Acoustic Containers

Additionally, we provide custom-manufactured containers tailored to your specific applications. These can include noise reduction solutions for traditional generators, accommodating twin sets within a single container, or offering rental solutions. Manufacturing generators within containers, making them containerized, enables us to deliver a wider range of solutions.

Image description: A containerized diesel generator manufactured by Target Power Generators UK, showcasing robust design and compact integration suitable for various power generation needs

Target Power Containerised Diesel Generator Features

All of our container generators are equipped with lockable doors, ensuring security. Additionally, each container features emergency door handles for added safety.

Our containers are designed to meet UK and European standards, and we can also manufacture container generators tailored to export specifications.

Target Power container generators include internal LED lighting to assist engineers and operators

Target Power’s containerized diesel generators are designed for easy installation, featuring convenient access points for mains cables. We offer customized entry points for cables to accommodate specific installation requirements.

The internal lighting and engineer-focused design make servicing the container generators a straightforward process

Strong, durable, and tough generator containers, manufactured from high-grade steel with a powder-coated finish for increased longevity.

Our containers are designed to withstand harsh environments and protect the generator components from adverse weather conditions

Our containerized diesel generators come with a complimentary base fuel tank as standard (for units under 1500kVA).

We offer various base fuel tank sizes and can accommodate larger tanks if the application requires.

Our standard range of container generators stands out as one of the market’s best in producing low noise levels. This feature is especially beneficial for generators installed at hospitals, distribution centers, data centers, and factories, ensuring minimal disruption.

Interior view of a container generator from Target Power Generators, showcasing the compact layout and components within the enclosure for efficient power generation

Key Benefits Of A Container Generator

Sometimes, only a containerized generator will suffice for the application. Container generators are stronger, thanks to their thick steel construction, and offer greater flexibility for creating bespoke solutions. Our standard 20ft and 40ft container generators can also be transported as shipping containers using a CSC plate. Furthermore, our container generators are manufactured using high-quality engine brands such as Perkins, Cummins, Doosan, Baudouin, and Scania. Some further benefits include:

Remote Monitoring:
Container generators can be remotely monitored using advanced generator control modules, such as Deep Sea Electronics and ComAp.

Synchronizing Containers:
Container generators are easily deployable in challenging terrains, simplifying synchronization between units.

Servicing and Maintenance:
Container generators are typically easier to service due to the ample space within the container. Our containerized generator designs prioritize engineer-friendly access.

Fuel Efficiency:
Certain container generators offer fuel-efficient solutions, utilizing engines from reputable brands like Scania and Perkins. This is particularly valuable for applications such as data centers and hospitals.

Bespoke Conterised Generators

Utilising our over 25 years of diesel generator manufacturing experience, we can create a fully bespoke containerised generator solution. Every application is unique; hospitals require a super-silent container generator, data centers need generators with extended runtime capabilities, and factories demand reliable standby generators. Target Power understands these diverse needs, which is why we can manufacture a container generator tailored specifically to your project.

Illustration of a customized containerized generator featuring a Perkins engine and bespoke design elements, including ventilation systems, fuel tanks, exhaust pipes, control panels, and electrical connections


Target Power Generators UK

We have over 25 years experience in designing, manufacturing and exporting Diesel generators globally. 

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Container Type Generator FAQ's

A containerized generator is a generator housed inside a container. The container serves to protect the generator from the elements. Container generators are easier to transport, typically on a heavy goods vehicle. from location to location. In some cases, these containers can be transported as standard shipping containers, thanks to the inclusion of a CSC plate. Containerised generators are versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications.

Yes, we have manufactured small diesel generators, such as 80kVA and 100kVA, into a container. Some off-grid customers prefer a container generator because they can put the generator and batteries into one container.