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JCB Petrol Generators For Sale

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JCB Petrol Generators For Sale

JCB a renowned brand in the construction plant and machinery industry, also produce petrol generators, which are suitable for a multitude of applications. Applications including construction sites, farming and agriculture, powering small works shops and more. So if you are looking for a reliable petrol generator for sale, look no further than the JCB petrol generators. 

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JCB 3.6KW / 4.5kVA Petrol Site Generator – JCB-G3600P

JCB-G3600P petrol site generator, suitable for construction sites, outdoor events, and emergency power backup

4.5 kVA Standby

4.0 kVA Prime

>Manufacturer JCB
>JCB Engine
>Fuel Type Petrol
>Single Phase
>Tank Size 15

Original price was: £419.00.Current price is: £391.66. ex. VAT - £469.99 inc. VAT

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JCB 7.9KW / 9.8kVA Petrol Site Generator – JCB-G8000PE

JCB-G8000PE petrol generator, providing reliable power generation for various applications, including construction sites, outdoor events, and emergency backup

9.8 kVA Standby

9.4 kVA Prime

>Manufacturer JCB
>JCB Engine
>Fuel Type Petrol
>Single Phase
>Tank Size 25

Original price was: £750.00.Current price is: £708.32. ex. VAT - £849.98 inc. VAT

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Dependable, Strong JCB Petrol Generators

If you’re looking for a petrol generator that can withstand harsh environments on construction sites and be used for agriculture, then look no further than these small JCB generators. They are built to last, and we don’t just say that because they are that good; we use them in our own Target Tool & Generator Hire petrol generator fleet too.

JCB Petrol Generators Prices:

The price starts at £469.99 including VAT for the JCB-G3600P 4.5 kVA model and goes up to £849.98 including VAT for the JCB-8000PE 9.8 kVA model.

We consider this to be a budget-friendly price for a high-performing product.

What Is The JCB Petrol Generator Warranty:

These small JCB generators come with a 3-year domestic warranty and a 1-year commercial warranty.

Target Power keeps all the relevant service parts such as filters and oil in stock. We can supply the parts with the machine purchase or typically dispatch them the next working day.

For warranty repairs and warranty parts, the generator is fully covered by the JCB Tools warranty. Learn more about the JCB warranty here.

What Can The JCB Generators Be Used For:

Construction Sites: These small JCB petrol generators come with yellow 115V sockets, so they can power power tools and other equipment, making them the perfect site generator.

Farming & Agriculture: The blue 230V sockets allow for quick and easy connection of equipment. The generators are portable, and the big wheels allow for easy maneuverability.

Workshops & Garages: JCB portable generators are perfect for workshops and garages. They have various yellow and blue socket combinations, meaning they can be used for a multitude of purposes. Not to mention the puncture-proof wheels and sturdy handle, which allow for ease of maneuverability.

The above is a small list of what JCB generators can be used for; however, it’s not limited to that list. They have also been used for domestic use, as well as to power bouncy castles and inflatables, and more.

Portable Petrol Generator Assembly

Target Power offers a hassle-free solution for your petrol generator needs. We provide assembly services at our workshop, where we’ll assemble, test, and thoroughly inspect the generator before delivering it to you. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive petrol generator assembly service.