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Standby Diesel Generators

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Standby Diesel Generators For Sale

Target Power prides itself on providing high quality standby generators, we know more than anyone that having quality back up power infrastructure is vital to many businesses’ general operations. This is why we can also provide all necessary add-ons to ensure a smooth process from when power eventually goes off, all the way through to when the mains power is re-connected.

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Kohler SDMO 6.5KVA 3PH Diesel Generator – 6000TA

Reliable SDMO 6500TA Diesel Generator - 3-Phase Power Solution

£3,960.00 ex. VAT - £4,752.00 inc. VAT

Available For Nationwide Delivery Or Export

Kohler SDMO 15LCTA Diesel Generator – 10KVA 3PH

Quiet and Efficient Kohler SDMO 15LCTA Diesel Generator - 10KVA 3-Phase Model

£5,590.00 ex. VAT - £6,708.00 inc. VAT

Available For Nationwide Delivery Or Export

20KVA Diesel Generator 1PH – Baudouin Engine – TB22-1 – Target

20KVA Diesel Generator with 1PH Baudouin Engine TB22-1 by Target Power

Original price was: £6,576.00.Current price is: £5,795.00. ex. VAT - £6,954.00 inc. VAT

Available For Nationwide Delivery Or Export

Compact Perkins 9KVA Generator – Ferbo Italy FE11 P-SVA-A

Compact Perkins 9KVA Generator by Ferbo Italy, model FE11 P-SVA-A, showcased on a straightforward backdrop

Available For Nationwide Delivery Or Export

13KVA Diesel Generator – Yanmar Engine – TY13 – Target

£6,190.00 ex. VAT - £7,428.00 inc. VAT

Available For Nationwide Delivery Or Export

Compact Perkins 13KVA Generator – Ferbo Italy FE16 P-SVA-A

Compact Perkins 13KVA Generator by Ferbo Italy, model FE16 P-SVA-A, positioned against a neutral background

Available For Nationwide Delivery Or Export

Baudouin 20KVA Generator – Ferbo Italy FE22 B1-SA

Baudouin 20KVA Generator by Ferbo Italy, model FE22 B1-SA, presented against a clean background.

Available For Nationwide Delivery Or Export

Pramac GBW22P Silent Diesel Generator – 20KVA 3PH

An image of the GBW22P Pramac diesel generator with a 22kva power capacity, known for its durability and efficient performance.

Original price was: £7,195.00.Current price is: £6,300.00. ex. VAT - £7,560.00 inc. VAT

Available For Nationwide Delivery Or Export

Backup Power Solutions: Ensuring Continuity with Standby Generators

The standby generator is arguably the most important piece of equipment you can include in your operational infrastructure or secondary power supply to your home. Not having a backup generator can cost thousands, due to lack of communicational services, loss of earnings due to vital support networks being shut down overall, just a nuisance. There are many reasons for the power outage to occur such as natural disasters and thunderstorms. Now more than ever we take for granted having electricity, investing in a back-up generator for your home or business will ensure you are undisrupted in these ever more frequent times.

Generator Upgrades & Accessories

In its most basic form, we can supply an automatic transfer switch (ATS) which when receives a signal from the mains that the power has gone off, will start the generator automatically, giving you peace of mind that you don’t physically have to go and turn the generator on. The generator will continue running until a signal is received from the ATS once the mains is back on. Along with the ATS, we can also provide larger internal and external fuel tanks, if you require a longer runtime.

Standby Diesel Generators For Sale

Target Power has a wide range of backup and standby generators available for quick dispatch. This covers both domestic and commercial applications. These applications include back up generators for manufacturing, industrial facilities, agriculture and construction, of which are typically 3PH, 400v. Our range of stock also includes home office, and domestic generators, which are typically 1PH, 240V, these cover either the whole home, or are used to power the critical needs in your home or small business.

Stocked Back-Up Generators

Target Power stocks generators from leading brands such as Ferbo Generators, KJ Power Generators Turkey, Perkins Generators, Yanmar generators, Scania generators, our very own Target Power Generators. This means that we have at our disposal the full range of standby generators for your set requirements along with any optional extras you may need to suit your application.

Why Buy From Target Power

The Target Power team has extensive knowledge in the generator industry, with our expertise being in standby generators for various applications throughout the UK. Our knowledge and previous experience allows for us to ask you the correct questions to get the best outcome for both parties throughout the purchasing journey. As we are not tied to a singular generator manufacturer, we can provide you the best solution for your application at a competitive price and lead time which works. Our goal is to keep you updated throughout, and provide a product you need. We also offer free site surveys with the intention to quote for any site within the UK mainland, here we can complete a comprehensive visit to discuss options, and get a full picture of the site, and application.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Purchasing a standby generator can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you want to ensure uninterrupted power during outages. It provides peace of mind and can protect your home, business, or critical operations from disruptions caused by power failures.
  • While standby generators offer numerous benefits, there are some disadvantages to consider. These may include the initial cost of purchase and installation, ongoing maintenance expenses, and potential noise during operation. Additionally, standby generators require proper fuel storage and maintenance to remain functional.
  • A standby generator is a backup power source that automatically activates in the event of a power outage. It is permanently installed outside your home or business and is connected to your electrical system. Standby generators are designed to provide seamless and continuous power, ensuring that essential appliances and systems remain operational during outages.
  • Yes, getting a backup generator in the UK can be highly beneficial, particularly in regions prone to power interruptions due to adverse weather conditions or other factors. A backup generator ensures that you have access to electricity when you need it most, preventing disruptions to daily life or business operations.

25 Years Of Exceptional Customer Service

At Target Generators, we bring over 25 years of expertise in supplying, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining petrol and diesel generators. Our reputation for excellence in the industry assures clients that they’ll receive products meeting their expectations.

Personalised Service, Global Reach

We prioritise personalised service, catering to clients’ needs with professionalism and integrity. Our services cover the UK and extend globally, exporting to over 80 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Whether you’re in the market for a diesel generator in the UK, require generators for export, or need expert installation services. Trust reliability, trust quality—trust Target Generators.

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