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Super Silent Diesel Generators

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Super Silent Diesel Generators

We offer a comprehensive range of super silent diesel generators. The range covers 6-3000 kva, we use quality engine brands and components when manufacturing our super silent generators. Some of the engine brands we use are Perkins, Doosan, Scania and Volvo engines coupled to Leroy Somer, Mecc Alte or Stamford alternators. 

High Quality Super Silent Generator Canopies

Designed in house at Target Power and manufactured from high grade steel, super silent diesel generators are some of the best available on the market, offering clients noise reductions down to as little as 55 dBA at 7m. The Target Power super silent generators are suitable for a whole host of applications such as residential built up areas, mobile rental applications and entertainment sectors. Our super silent generators are a popular choice amongst customers in the UK and Europe. 

An image of a super silent diesel generator, which has been designed for mobile applications

Key Benefits Of Our Super Silent Diesel Generators

We have summarised below the key benefits of a super silent diesel generator. Super diesel generators are also known in the industry as ultra quiet generators or whisper quiet generators. The terminology refers to the same thing, whether it’s a silent or soundproofed generator.

Thanks to our special design, our super silent generators are possibly the quietest available on the market, offering clients reduced noise as low as 55 dBA at 7m. The ultra quiet generators are manufactured using a high grade thick steel, with up to 120mm thick soundproofing which drastically reduces noise levels. We also offer our clients a fully customisable solution, which is tailored to your requirement. 

Less Environmental Impact: Low noise super silent generators produce less noise solution when compared to traditional soundproofed generators. This is particularly useful for using a generator in well built up areas or residential areas.  

Designed To UK & European Standards: Understanding the UK and European applications, our super silent diesel generators have been meticulously designed to meet high standards. 

Robust Design: The Target Power range of super silent generators are designed for longevity. The rebust design means they are perfect for even the toughest of terrains. They are manufactured from high grade steel, with a professional powder coated finish.

Tailor Made To Application: Target Power can tailor the whisper quiet Diesel generators to suit your application. Be it for fixed installs or mobile applications. We can manufacture sets based on the noise level requirement, be it a generator to achieve 70 dBA at 7m, a generator to achieve 65 dBA at 7m or a generator to achieve 55 dBA at 7m. 

Target Power Super Silent Diesel Generator Features

The design of the silencer is dependent on the noice level requirement and the application. Our low noise silencers are fully customisable and manufactured to drastically reduce noise levels. 

The acoustic canopy is manufactured from high grade thick steel, up to 6mm depending on the application. 

Every super silent generator has thick soundproofing material, depending on the application the thickness is 30mm, 50mm, 100mm or 120mm. 

Our low noise silent generators come with upgrade door hinges, which support the extra weight from the acoustic canopy doors.

We can design our generators to have larger base fuel tanks, to support longer periods of continuous running.  

Lockable acoustic canopy doors keep your generator safe. For those clients who require external fuel filling, we can also provide a lockable fuel tank cap.

We can alter the design of our standard ultra silent generator, to suit the location where the generator will be situated. Knowing that some sites can be tricky when it comes to transportation, we can produce our super silent sets to have forklift pockets or robust lifting points. 

Even though our generators have been designed to drastically reduce noise levels, we ensure our sets are designed to be serviced as easy as can be, we bear engineers in mind.

At Target Power, we understand that every application is unique. That’s why we offer fully bespoke turnkey diesel solutions tailored to your specific requirements. This may involve adjusting the size of the canopy, reducing noise levels with our super silent option, modifying fuel tank capacity, or customizing the canopy’s color With Target Power, you have the flexibility to create a fully customised generator solution that precisely fits your needs.

bespoke super silent generator, design to produce low noise levels.

What Are Our Super Silent Diesel Generators Used For

Our super silent diesel generators are used for a whole host of applications such as broadcasting vehicles, film studios, residential applications, healthcare and more. Below we take a look at the specific applications they are used in. 

Target Power Generators are a turnkey diesel generator supplier to broadcasting companies and the film production companies.  These applications require a reliable source of power, which is why Target Power designs the complete set, working with key suppliers and industry experts and manufactures the set to ensure the generator is ideal for your application.

Super silent generators are essential in film production and broadcasting applications, which is why our clients typically opt for a generator housed in an acoustic canopy which achieves as little as 60 dBA. 

We offer a mobile generator solution for those remote film locations and produce sets with remote monitoring GSM modem systems, so the equipment can be operated and monitored from a different location. 

Our super silent generators can also be powered by diesel, HVO and in some cases Bio-Diesel.


Target Power Generators are a turnkey diesel generator supplier to construction companies throughout the UK, Europe & further a-field. Construction sites are becoming more and more common as the demand for homes, high rise buildings and commercial properties increase. The need for super silent generators for construction sites is pivotal to ensure as little disturbance to neighbouring communities, work places and nature sites. Our super silent canopied generators are rated as low as 55dba, proving a popular option.

Coupled with our Stage V emissions engine range, including Perkins, Scania, John Deere and Yanmar, these generators can be used in the emissions restricted zones, and can also be moved from construction site to construction site, allowing for a cost effective solution.

Target Power Generators are a turnkey diesel generator supplier, direct to the NHS and also through M&E Contractors & Design Consultants. We supply, install & commissions a variety of diesel generators, but most commonly super silent generators due to the sound sensitive environment they are situated. We work closely with the customer to design the generator to meet the sound requirements, but also achieving the dimensions required to fit into position, whilst also maintaining the correct air flow for the generator.

Along with our super silent generators, we typically supply to the health care sector, remote monitoring to suit the on site BMS system, extended run time fuel tanks, fire safety valves and automatic transfer switches (ATS).

Target Power Generators do not just provide super silent solutions for commercial customers, but also for residential and end user applications. We can design and complete the full project from initial site visit, to design stage, through to position, installing, commissioning & maintenance of the diesel generator, meaning as little stress as possible for you.

Many of our customers who purchase a back up generator for their property are concerned over noise levels of the generator, not only for their own sanity, but also out of respect of their neighbours. Thankfully Target Power Generators supply super silent diesel generators as low as 55dba, which is quieter than a ‘normal’ conversation, meaning you won’t get any curtain twitchers, just neighbours confused as to why you have power, and they don’t.


Target Power Generators UK

We have over 25 years experience in designing, manufacturing and exporting Diesel generators globally. 

Our knowledgable team can ensure we manufacture or select the right product from stock for you. 

Super Silent Type Generator FAQ's

A super silent generator can range from 75 dBA down as low as 55 dBA, dependent on the design and application.

57 dBA sounds like a few or small group of people having a conversation. Its not disturbing, but that does depend on the quality of noise. If its people talking softly then it wouldn’t be considered disturbing. If you need to know more about ‘how many decibels does a human speak normally’ you can check out this useful article here. 

We use a calibrated DBA noise level metre. Which reads the decibel reading of the noise output from the generator. Depending on whether our clients need a reading of 1m, 3m, 5m or 7m, we measure the distance from the generator enclosure to the metre reading needed. We then take a DBA reading from a minimum of four points, and take an average. Our readings are taken at idle load (no load).