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Ferbo Generators: Manufactured In italy

"Power That Hits The Mark"

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We are the UK Authorised dealer for Ferbo. Talk to a member of our team on 0333 0344554. With over 25 years in the power generation industry, we will be able to guide you to the right product.

Ferbo Generators: Manufactured In Italy

Target Power Generators proudly serves as the Authorised Dealer of Ferbo Generators in the UK. Ferbo Generators, a distinguished manufacturer of diesel generators based in Italy, have been utilising European components since their establishment in 2000.

High-Quality Diesel Generators

Ferbo offers an extensive selection of generators, ranging from 5KVA to 2250KVA prime, providing our customers with a comprehensive range of power options. While we currently showcase models up to 500KVA in soundproofed enclosures, we can accommodate larger generator requirements, including containerised and open-type units.

We are the UK Authorised dealer for Ferbo. Talk to a member of our team on 0333 0344554. With over 25 years in the power generation industry, we will be able to guide you to the right product.

KVA Rating

Compact Perkins 9KVA Generator – Ferbo Italy FE11 P-SVA-A

Compact Perkins 9KVA Generator by Ferbo Italy, model FE11 P-SVA-A, showcased on a straightforward backdrop


Italian flag


Compact Perkins 13KVA Generator – Ferbo Italy FE16 P-SVA-A

Compact Perkins 13KVA Generator by Ferbo Italy, model FE16 P-SVA-A, positioned against a neutral background


Italian flag


Baudouin 20KVA Generator – Ferbo Italy FE22 B1-SA

Baudouin 20KVA Generator by Ferbo Italy, model FE22 B1-SA, presented against a clean background.


Italian flag


Perkins 20KVA Generator – Ferbo Italy FE22 P1-SA

Perkins 20KVA Generator by Ferbo Italy, model FE22 P1-SA, positioned against a clean background


Italian flag


Original price was: £7,497.00.Current price is: £6,400.00. ex. VAT - £7,680.00 inc. VAT

Yanmar 19KVA Generator – Ferbo Italy FE22Y-SVA

Yanmar 19KVA Generator by Ferbo Italy, model FE22Y-SVA, showcased against a simple backdrop


Italian flag


Compact Perkins 20KVA Generator – Ferbo Italy FE22 P1-SVA-A

Compact Perkins 20KVA Generator by Ferbo Italy, model FE22 P1-SVA-A, neatly displayed against a plain backdrop


Italian flag


Compact Perkins 13.5KVA 1PH Generator – Ferbo Italy

Perkins 13.5KVA Single Phase Generator by Ferbo Italy, model FE22 P1-SV, showcased on a clean background


Italian flag


Baudouin 30KVA Generator – Ferbo Italy FE33 B1-SA

Baudouin 30KVA Generator manufactured by Ferbo Italy, model FE33 B1-SA, displayed on a straightforward backdrop


Italian flag


There are many reasons why Target Power wanted the Ferbo Generator authorised dealer here in the UK, we share many similar company values and we are very impressed with the quality of the product, after sales support and overall service, of which is a top priority for Target Power, having such support and confidence is a vital to ensure we are providing the correct products for our customers.

The Ferbo Industrial Generator Range: 

The Ferbo industrial generator range ranges from 6 kVA to 3500 kVA, offering high quality engine brands such as Perkins, Baudouin, Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Cummins and more, their sets have been specifically designed for the industrial sector. 

Versatile Industrial Diesel Generators: Meeting Diverse Application Needs

These industrial diesel generators meet a wide range of applications such as residential back up, standby applications for hospitals, prime applications such as agriculture and manufacturing back up. These Diesel generators are available as open type generators,  soundproofed generators, super silent generators and containerised generators.

An image of a Ferbo industrial diesel generator, known for its efficiency and robust performance in various industrial applications

Ferbo Generators: Mastery in Canopy Design and Craftsmanship:

Uncompromised Quality – Manufactured In-House

At Ferbo Generators, we take pride in our commitment to delivering unmatched quality. From the very blueprint of our canopies to the final touch of powder coating, everything is crafted in-house. This ensures that every canopy meets our strict standards and provides you with the best in class protection for your generator.

Robust and Built to Last

Each Ferbo canopy is meticulously designed to withstand the test of time. Made with the finest metals, it promises not just strength but also longevity. Our canopies are engineered to brave the elements and keep your generator safe, come rain or shine. Each canopy has a high quality welded lifting hook in each corner, this gives canopy extra strength for lifting.

Easy Lifting with Central Eye

Thinking about relocating your generator? We’ve got you covered. Every Ferbo canopy is equipped with a central lifting eye, enabling effortless and secure lifting of the entire generator set. This feature ensures that transportation or relocation is hassle-free and safe.

Compact Yet Spacious

Beauty lies in the details, and our design philosophy centers around optimizing space. Ferbo canopies are compact, allowing for easy installation and a minimal footprint. However, when it comes to servicing your generator, you’ll find that the interior is spacious, providing technicians with ample room to carry out maintenance tasks with ease.

Convenience Meets Aesthetics

The sleek powder-coated finish not only provides additional protection against corrosion but also adds a touch of elegance to the generator set. With Ferbo, you don’t have to choose between functionality and aesthetics; you get both.

Choose Ferbo – Power with Protection

When you invest in a Ferbo generator, you’re not just buying a power source; you’re ensuring that it comes encased in the finest canopy in the industry. Rely on Ferbo for an uninterrupted power supply, protected by a canopy that stands tall against challenges.

Fully integrated production:

Ferbo does not rely on any third parties for the construction of their own gensets, excluding purchasing directly from the engine and alternators manufacturers. Ferbo is the designer, producer of the base chassis, canopies, electric panels, ATS switches. Nonetheless, all processes of painting, coating treatments, assembly and full load testing are all under the intense Ferbo quality control and performance tests. 

Total flexibility:

In the light of the above-described system, Ferbo is also able to meet all customers’ specifications requirements from the customization and adaptation of every demand, having complete control from the design phase right through to load test.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need: Our Bespoke Diesel Generator Adaptations

Some of these bespoke adaptations include; super-soundproof units (55 dB), special synchro, MV, military solutions, special project based gensets. Customised units are also available for single piece orders. At the same time, the above presented production allows Ferbo (and consequently Target Power) to compete in all application sectors: industrial, residential, construction, datacentres, telecom, military, rental, containerized units, on/off shore and mining.

Vast stock availability & product choice: 

Ferbo stock consists of 1800+ engines and 1800+ alternators. This gives a competitive advantage with our suppliers and consequently better sale prices, this large stock also allows for quick lead time, with a shipment time as little as 7 working days. Nonetheless our proposed range offers 15 engine brands and 5 alternator brands, which allows customers to have multiple options on price, quality, brand recognition/aftersales.

Corporate identity & customer orientation: 

The Ferbo Company is a family company despite employing 600 people at presence and becoming international renowned, the original core values have never been forgotten. This translates into a constant attention to customer satisfaction, their staff are always willing to go the extra mile for every customer need.

Keep Your Ferbo Generator Running Smoothly: Service and Maintenance Support Available

Ferbo Diesel Generator Servicing

We understand the importance of keeping your Ferbo generator running smoothly. That’s why we offer comprehensive service and maintenance support to ensure optimal performance and longevity for your investment.

Our team of experienced technicians is here to assist you with all your service and maintenance needs. Whether you require routine maintenance or repairs we’ve got you covered.

Ferbo Diesel Generator Parts

Target Power Generators keep all the main Ferbo generator service parts in stock, including oil filters, fuel filters, and oil. So should you need any help or assistance with servicing, our team is on hand to help. 

25 Years Of Exceptional Customer Service

At Target Generators, we bring over 25 years of expertise in supplying, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining petrol and diesel generators. Our reputation for excellence in the industry assures clients that they’ll receive products meeting their expectations.

Personalised Service, Global Reach

We prioritise personalised service, catering to clients’ needs with professionalism and integrity. Our services cover the UK and extend globally, exporting to over 80 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Whether you’re in the market for a diesel generator in the UK, require generators for export, or need expert installation services. Trust reliability, trust quality—trust Target Generators.

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