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Open Type Diesel Generators

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Open Type Diesel Generators

Our full range of diesel generators are available as open type generators. The range covers 6-3000 kva, we use quality engine brands when manufacturing our open sets. Some of the engine brands we use are Perkins, Doosan, Scania and Volvo engines coupled to Leroy Somer, Mecc Alte or Stamford alternators. 

Quality Manufactured Open Set Generators

Our open type generators are mounted onto thick steel bases with AVM’s. The generators come complete with control boxes, batteries and silencers at standard. Target Power open type diesel generators have been designed to be user friendly, easy to service and are perfect for various standby or prime applications. We can offer a fully be spoke open type generator solution to suit your application. 

Open type diesel generators: Versatile power solutions suitable for various applications, featuring robust construction and reliable performance

Typical Open Type Generator Features

Industrial exhaust silences are supplied at standard with our open type diesel generators. However, upon request we can also provide our clients with residential silencers, which can reduce the noise levels significantly. 

Our open set generators are produced onto quality skid bases, which have been produced from a high grade thick steel, with a powder coated finish. AVM’s (anti vibration mounts) are provided at standard with all of our open type generators.

All of our open framed generators can come with a base fuel tank, this is standard up to 800 kva generators. Some clients require a larger internal fuel tank, which can be manufactured upon request.

At standard our breaker boxes are mounted onto the generator base frame. However for larger open sets or upon request, can leave the breaker box detached from the generator. 

We can supply our customers with the correct cable sizing, for connection from the alternator to the breaker.

Our open set generators are manufactured with the control box mounted to the base frame at standard. You can view all the perimeters of the set via the control module, however we can also supply separate gauges for viewing oil pressure, coolant levels and load etc. 

We can also manufacture the control panel into separate switch gear panels.

Batteries come standard with our open set generators, we can also provide a battery charger which trickle charges the main crank batteries. Theres various types of batteries available on the market, we use lead acid at standard however upon request we can use other types such as Nicad. 

At Target Power, we understand that every application is unique. That’s why we offer fully bespoke turnkey open set solutions tailored to your specific requirements. This may involve adjusting the size of the open set, increasing or decreasing fuel tank capacity, or customising the design of the base frame. With Target Power, you have the flexibility to create a fully customised generator solution that precisely fits your needs

Compact open-type diesel generators, ideal for various applications where space is limited and ventilation is readily available


Target Power Generators UK

We have over 25 years experience in designing, manufacturing and exporting Diesel generators globally. 

Our knowledgable team can ensure we manufacture or select the right product from stock for you. 

Open Type Generator FAQ's

An open type generator is a generator that has no canopy or enclosure, leaving the elements exposed. Open type generator is a generator which is mounted directly onto a metal frame. 

GENSET is another term for a generator. A open genset is a generator which is mounted directly onto a metal frame. The frame usual has a base fuel tank. 

Open type generators dont have a protective canopy or accoustic enclsures, whcih protects the generator from the elements, where as a silent generator does. Silent generators are quieter due to the acoustic enclosure. Open sets are typically installed in basements, or in buildings. 

There are two types of generators, soundproofed (also known as silent type) and open sets (also referred to as basic sets). Soundproofed generators have a canopy, which protects the generator from the elements and also reduces noise levels. However a open set doesn’t, an open set is mounted directly onto a steel base leaving the major components exposed.