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1100KVA Generators For Sale

"Power That Hits The Mark"

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1100KVA Generators For Sale: Your Trusted Source for Power Solutions

Looking for reliable and high-quality 1100KVA diesel generators? Look no further than Target Power Generators, where we offer the finest selection of 1100KVA generator brands, specially designed to meet various power needs. Our product range includes renowned European manufacturers such as FERBO Generators, Pramac Generators, Our Own Target Power Brand & CAT™ Generators, ensuring exceptional performance and durability. Talk to an expert – 0333 034554

1250KVA Diesel Generator – Baudouin Engine – TB1250 – Target

Robust 1250KVA standby generator featuring a Baudouin engine, meticulously designed by Target Power under the model TB1250, ensuring reliable backup power for critical applications

1250 kVA Standby

1136 kVA Prime

>Manufacturer Target
>Baudouin Engine
>Fuel Type Diesel
>Three Phase
>Tank Size 1750L

View >

At Target Power Generators, we prioritise your application and understand the importance of uninterrupted power supply. That’s why our 1100KVA diesel generators are built to deliver unmatched reliability and efficiency. Whether you need a standby generator for emergency power, a compact generator to power machinery or a robust generator for commercial applications, our 1100KVA diesel generators have got you covered.

With reliability being key, our 1100KVA 3PH Diesel generator comes with a full manufacturers warranty, no matter where you’re in the world. We also have all the consumable parts such as replacement filters, engine oil and electrical components readily available, for those important service intervals.

Customised Power Solutions to Meet Your Specific Needs:

We understand that every power requirement is unique. That’s why at Target Power generators, we take pride in offering customised power solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need a super silent diesel generator for commercial use or a reliable generator for industrial applications, we have the right 1000KVA diesel generator to match your requirements. With over 25 years of industry experience, we can fully customise your solution. Here’s a list of some of the customised solutions we offer-

  • Super silent canopies – reducing noise levels up to 55BA, depending on application
  • Remote supervision capabilities via SMS and online interfaces.
  • Extended long running fuel tanks
  • Advanced control panel modifications for tailored requirements.
  • Specially-designed low-noise acoustic containers.
  • Options to toggle between single and three-phase operations.
  • Synchronising load distribution across multiple generators.

At Target Power Generators, our commitment to excellence goes beyond offering top-quality generators. Our team can offer everything from a site survey, to installation to generator maintenance.. Our team of experts is here to assist you in finding the perfect 1100KVA diesel generator that fits your needs and budget. With our expert advice, you can make an informed decision and invest in a reliable power solution.

Heres a list of some of the generator services that Target Power Generators can provide:

Generator Site Surveys: Pre site survey, to study the site and application and ensure we provide you with the right solution

Generator Manufacturing & Supply: We provide products that are tailor made to your solutions, we have the ability to upgrade and up-spec generators

Generator Installation: Using our project management team, we can provide the full scope of work when it comes to generator installation. From positioning the generator, to doing the full electrical works connection and testing

Generator Commissioning: We can help with the final sign off and provide commissioning certification

Generator Maintenance: just as important as supplying the generator, our team can provide generator maintenance packages, which are in line with the generator manufacturers guidelines.

Generator Accessories: Our spares division sources original equipment direct from the manufacturers or authorised distributors, we can supply everything from generator consumable parts, automatic transfer switches and external bulk fuel tanks.

A 1100KVA generator is a robust and powerful machine capable of handling a wide range of applications. A 1100 kVA 3 phase generator provides around 1530 amps per phase in a 415/240V system, It can power essential appliances, equipment, and machinery in various settings.

Some common applications that a 1100 KVA generator can handle include:

Emergency Backup Power: Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities employ 1100kVA diesel generators to ensure the ceaseless functioning of critical medical equipment, life support systems, and entire hospital facilities during power outages.

In Data Centers, leveraging 1100kVA generators mitigates data loss and ensures uninterrupted server operations, especially in large data centers actively seeking 1100kVA generators for sale to boost their backup power capabilities.

Commercial and Industrial Facilities utilise 1100kVA diesel generators as backup power sources for essential systems, encompassing elevators, HVAC, security, and intricate manufacturing processes in expansive facilities. At Construction Sites, they make use of 1100kVA generator units to power heavy-duty machinery, construction equipment, and tools. They also offer temporary electricity via 1100kVA diesel generators for on-site offices, lighting, and facilities in major construction endeavours.

In the realm of Events and Entertainment, large outdoor concerts and festivals depend on 1100kVA generators for sale to furnish power for stage lighting, sophisticated sound systems, and other pivotal event equipment. Similarly, sporting events harness the strength of 1100kVA diesel generators to cater to stadium lighting, scoreboards, and other electricity-intensive event needs. Movie sets and production locations allocate 1100kVA generators to ensure uninterrupted power for lighting arrays, camera setups, and other filming equipment.

For Industrial Applications, manufacturing facilities integrate 1000kVA generator units to facilitate continuous production activities, encompassing conveyor mechanics, heavy machinery, and assembly lines. Meanwhile, factories and warehouses invest in 1100kVA generators for sale to guarantee uninterrupted workflows in large-scale industrial frameworks.

Agriculture sees the deployment of 1100kVA diesel generators to energise expansive irrigation setups, potent water pumps, and agricultural machinery. They back grain drying procedures, cold storage facilities, and other power-hungry agricultural operations with 1100kVA electric generators.

In Telecommunications, the sustained functioning of vital cell towers, communication infrastructures, and extensive data centers is bolstered via 1100kVA diesel generators, especially in scenarios with pronounced power requirements. Remote Areas extend power solutions with 1100kVA diesel powered generators to secluded locations such as mining hubs, construction zones, research facilities, and distant communities.

Mining Operations utilize 1100kVA generators to empower weighty mining apparatus, lighting solutions, and ventilation systems in mining sites with high energy demands. In the Oil and Gas Industry, 1100kVA generator units fortify drilling ventures, offshore bases, and extensive remote facilities in the energy sector.

For Military and Defense, there’s an engagement of 1100kVA generators for sale to deliver power for military complexes, field medical units, command infrastructures, and communication centers. Utilities tap into the reliability of 1100kVA diesel generators as an interim power supply during the refurbishment and upkeep of vast electrical substations and utility systems. Lastly, in Marine and Shipping, they integrate 1100VA generators as auxiliary power units on substantial ships, freight carriers, cruise vessels, and offshore installations.

Because our experience expands over 25 years, we have built personable relationships with Diesel generator and component manufacturers. This is a key advantage for our customers, not only for pricing, but also for pre and after sales services. please see the below key reasons and advantages our businesses presents.

Competitive Pricing: By buying directly from manufacturers, we secure better pricing, this allows us to offer competitive prices to our customers.

Control Over Quality: Working directly with the manufacturers means we have control over the quality of the products we stock & sell. This ensures the products meet the needs of our customers.

Customisation: Target Power Generators Direct communication with our manufacturers means we can facilitate customisation of products to meet specific customer requirements.

Timely Availability: We purchase direct from our manufacturers, this helps reduced lead time, ensuring our products are available to our customers when they need them. this is critical for businesses who need a quick turnaround time.

Pre-Sales Support: Our in-depth knowledge of the products and we source, we can provide valuable pre-sales support to our customers. This includes product recommendations, technical information, and assistance in choosing the right products for your needs.

After-Sales Support: Offering after-sales support, such as warranties, repairs, and customer service, is more efficient when we have a direct relationship with our relationships with the manufacturers. This can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Cost Savings: By eliminating intermediaries, we reduce costs associated with markups and commissions. This gives us the ability to pass on cost savings to customers.