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Custom Built Generators by Target Power Generators

Custom Built Generators by Target Power Generators

Utilising Our 25 Years of Diesel Generator Manufacturing Experience

At Target Power Generators, we specialise in crafting fully customisable diesel or gas generator solutions tailored to your specific application needs.

Drawing upon decades of expertise in designing top-tier custom and critical power solutions, our dedicated team guides you through every step of the process, from initial design to construction and installation. With access to leading engine manufacturer brands, rest assured that your generator will be meticulously tailored to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Tailored Generator Solutions: Customised to Fit Your Needs

As an independent company, we’re not bound to any particular component brands. This flexibility allows us to collaborate closely with our clients, designing bespoke generator solutions that perfectly match their requirements and preferences. View our “Case Studies” section to learn more about the bespoke projects we have worked on.

Fully Bespoke Diesel Generators

Starting with three distinct types of generators – open type, silent diesel generators, and containerised diesel generators – we offer full customisation to match your project’s requirements. Whether it’s colour, size, fuel tank capacity, design, placement, or function, we tailor our products to suit your application. With our flexibility, we can meet your unique needs with precision

Fully Customisable Generator Solutions

Exceptional Customer Service

Tailor-made Generators By Target Power

Every project is unique. Businesses often struggle with space constraints, when needing a new generator. Whether its office complexes, distribution hubs, data storage centres, health care centres, schools or universities, accommodating standard back up generators is not always feasible. Learn why a Custom Built Generator might be the best solution for you or your business in our blog ‘How A Customer Built Generator Might Be Your Solution’.

Some Of Our Bespoke Generator Features:

Remote Monitoring: Stay connected with your generators performance through SMS and web-based tracking.

Fuel Tank Solutions: Choose from bespoke integral and external fuel tank bases tailored for longevity and efficiency.

Control Panel Upgrades: We customise control panels to cater to specific operational requirements, including synchronisation to another generator(s) or the mains supply.

Custom Container Generators: As bespoke container generator builders, we craft solutions that encapsulate both durability and design.

image of a Baudouin generator housed onto a large 500L base fuel tank.

Custom Container Generators: As bespoke container generator builders, we craft solutions that encapsulate both durability and design.

Acoustic Canopy Solutions: Benefit from our tailor-made super silent canopy solutions ensuring minimal noise disruptions.

Mobility and Flexibility: With our trailer generators, mobile generators, and rental specification generators, move and adapt as your needs evolve.

Bespoke container generators: Custom-designed power generation units enclosed within specialized containers, tailored to meet specific requirements and applications

Custom Open Type Generators: Fully bespoke open type diesel generators, with fully adjustable design.

Power Solutions: Dive into varied options including DC generators, hybrid solutions, and switchable single or three-phase.

Easy Service Features: Our generators come with removable doors (quick release) to simplify maintenance and servicing in confined spaces.

Synchronisation: Ensure smooth power transition with our load sharing and synchronisation features between generators.

image of a large Perkins open type diesel generator. its a bespoke unit.

Bespoke Generator Specialists

We produce bespoke generator solutions starting as little as 5 kva, going all the way up to 3000 kva +. Target Power Generators are one of the most innovative generator manufacturers in the UK, having produced numerous bespoke generator projects around the world. Not only do we offer a complete bespoke solution, we can tailor our generator packages to accommodate generator installation and generator servicing. 

We design all of our bespoke generator solutions in house, but we also have a reputable and trusted supply chain to help us with the most complex turnkey solutions. 

Target Power can help you with every aspect of your generator project, be it building the concrete plinth to installing the electrical work, Target Power can look after the whole project from start to finish.