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Silent Diesel Generators

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Silent Diesel Generators

We offer a comprehensive range of silent diesel generators. The range covers 6-3000 kva, we use quality engine brands when manufacturing our silent generators. Some of the engine brands we use are Perkins, Doosan, Scania and Volvo engines coupled to Leroy Somer, Mecc Alte or Stamford alternators. 

High Quality Silent Generator Canopies

Our silent diesel generator canopies are constructed using sturdy galvanised steel that has been powder-coated for enhanced durability. These canopies are meticulously designed to shield the generator from the elements and withstand challenging terrains. Furthermore, all of our silent generators feature base fuel tanks integrated into robust generator base frames.

Target Power's silent diesel generators, designed for quiet operation while delivering dependable power, suitable for various applications

Key Benefits Of A Silent Generator

We have summarized below the key benefits of a silent diesel generator. Silent diesel generators are also known in the industry as soundproofed generators. The terminology refers to the same thing, whether it’s a silent or soundproofed generator.

  • Promotes a more favorable environment for local wildlife and the surrounding ecosystem near the generator site
  • The generator enclosure safeguards the engine, alternator, and essential components from harsh weather conditions.
  • Incorporating foam matting within the generator enclosure not only reduces noise levels but can also be upgraded for added noise reduction.
  • Minimises inconvenience and disturbance to nearby residents, reducing the likelihood of noise-related complaints.
  • Assists in adhering to local or national regulations concerning noise pollution.

Low Noise Soundproofed Generators

Our canopies have been meticulously designed to accommodate a wide range of applications. These canopies are specifically engineered to lower the overall generator noise levels, and we include a residential silencer as a standard feature to increase noise reduction (measured in dBA). The internal soundproofing is thick and designed to absorb sound waves effectively. 

Super Silent Options Available

To further minimise noise levels, we offer a super-silent generator solution. All of our soundproofed diesel generators come equipped with high-quality AVMs (anti-vibration mounts) as a standard feature, designed to significantly reduce noise levels.

Silent Generators For Diverse Applications

Our silent generator canopies are engineered with engineers in mind, providing convenient access to essential generator components, including the engine, for easy servicing. These canopies, along with the robust base frames, are designed to withstand challenging terrains. They are ideal for fixed installations in the UK, where a backup generator is necessary, and they are also well-suited for export customers. Check out our range of Target Power generators here.

Fully Customisable Acoustic Canopies

While our silent diesel generators are perfect for numerous standby generator applications, we can customise them to align with your project’s specific needs. This may involve offering a super-silent generator option, providing removable doors for tight spaces, or incorporating large internal base fuel tanks to support continuous operation. Our research and development team is capable of delivering a fully bespoke silent generator solution. Learn more about our customisable generator services here

TV285 Volvo diesel generator, 250kVA prime rated, housed in a soundproofed model. Manufactured by Target Power Generators.
250kVA prime power rated Volvo diesel generator featuring a DSE control box with ABB breake

Target Power Silent Diesel Generator Features

Residential silencers are fitted at standard on all of our silent diesel generators. Residential exhausts can reduce the noise levels significantly. This is particularly important in residential areas or where noise pollution needs to be low.  

Our silent generators are produced onto quality skid bases, which have been produced from a high grade thick steel, with a powder coated finish. AVM’s (anti vibration mounts) are provided at standard with all of our silent diesel generators.

All of our soundproofed diesel generators are fitted with a internal base fuel tank. Some clients require a larger internal fuel tank, which can be manufactured upon request.

We include internal circuit breakers as a standard feature, and our spacious boxes are designed for easy fixed installation. The breaker boxes are also designed to protect the operator from voltage, with a lockable cabinet door for added safety.

Our silent generators are manufactured with the control box mounted to the base frame at standard. You can view the control module through the viewing window. You can view all the perimeters of the set via the control module, however we can also supply separate gauges for viewing oil pressure, coolant levels and load etc. 

We can also manufacture the control panel into separate switch gear panels.

Batteries come standard with our silent generators, along battery charger which trickle charges the main crank batteries. Theres various types of batteries available on the market, we use lead acid at standard however upon request we can use other types such as Nicad. 

At Target Power, we understand that every application is unique. That’s why we offer fully bespoke turnkey diesel solutions tailored to your specific requirements. This may involve adjusting the size of the canopy, reducing noise levels with our super silent option, modifying fuel tank capacity, or customizing the canopy’s color With Target Power, you have the flexibility to create a fully customised generator solution that precisely fits your needs.

All canopy and control box doors are fully lockable, adding extra security to your generator.

Every generator is fitted with an emergency stop, so you can fully shut off the generator in case of an emergancy.

Image of a Target Power silent diesel generator available for sale in the UK, featuring a compact and efficient design for quiet operation and reliable power generation


Target Power Generators UK

We have over 25 years experience in designing, manufacturing and exporting Diesel generators globally. 

Our knowledgable team can ensure we manufacture or select the right product from stock for you. 

Silent Type Generator FAQ's

Our silent diesel generators are deal for home us. The low noise canopies have been designed to be amongst the quietest on the market, this is particularly important for residential generator applications

The answer is no, typically silent generator canopies produce 79 dBA noise levels at 7m. However bet brands like our Target Power Generators, produce as little as 69 dBA at 7m, depending on factors such as location and installation.

There are further manufacturing processes that can be done, to help reduce the noise levels further. Such as increasing the thickness of the canopy steel and increasing soundproofing thickness. In some cases we have achieved as little as 59 dBA at 7m. 

Open type generators dont have a protective canopy or accoustic enclsures, whcih protects the generator from the elements, where as a silent generator does. Silent generators are quieter due to the acoustic enclosure. Open sets are typically installed in basements, or in buildings. 

Petrol generators are quieter, due to their smaller size and smaller engines. Petrol generators typically range from 1 kva and go up to 10 kva. However Diesel generators are larger, and start at 6 kva and can go up to 3000 kva. 

Perkins, Cummins, Scania, Volvo and Doosan are amongst the largest generator diesel engine manufacturers in the world. They all tend to be quieter than most on the market, however most top brands generator engines are much of a muchness when it comes to quietness. Manufacturers like Target Power, we use assemble techniques to reduce our noise levels further such as using higher quality AVM’s and thicker base frames which reduces vibrations from the engines.

A super silent generator is up to 30% quieter compared to a traditional silent diesel generator. They are constructed from thicker metals, and have thicker soundproofing to reduce noise levels. A traditional generator produces 82-89 dBA at 7m, however a super silent generator can produce noise levels as low as 55 dBA at 7m. 

Yes, some projects require a super silent generator solution. If a back up generator is installed near residential or commercial building , then they will need to be low noise to avoid disturbance. Achieve this acoustic barriers can be installed around the generator to reduce noise levels by up to 15 dBA.