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Guaranteed Generator Buy Back

On Caterpillar and Pramac Diesel Generators

Caterpillar DE200GC diesel generator, providing 200KVA of power output, designed for reliable and efficient power generation in various applications

Guaranteed Generator Buy Back - On Caterpillar and Pramac Diesel Generators

Here at Target Power Generators Ltd, we offer guaranteed buy back on any generator we have supplied you. This enables you to plan for the future knowing that come 1, 3 or 5 years down the line, you know you will be able to sell your generator back to us at an agreed price.

All that we ask is the generator has been maintained using genuine parts, at the service intervals as per the engine & alternator manufacturer guidelines, keeping a record, and providing these details on request. Then when you are looking to renew your generator or fleet, we will be able to discount your old generator against your new generator purchase. 

We offer this guaranteed buy back option as this allows for your generator to be renewed, maintaining a fresh warranty, newer technology, which improves efficiency and reliability of your operations.

We’re currently offering guaranteed generator buy backs on Pramac diesel generators and Caterpillar Diesel Generators. Get in touch with our team below, to learn more about diesel generator trade ins and our buy back offers.

Check out our quality range of Premium Caterpillar diesel generators for sale here, offering a range of 33 kVA to 550 kVA.

Pramac diesel generators are designed and manufactured in Italy, check out our range of quality Pramac diesel generators for sale here, offering a power range of  15 kVA to 330 kVA. 


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Get in touch with a member or our team to discussed our guaranteed diesel generator buy back offer and also generator trade Ins today. 

Pramac GDW35P:FNE Silent Diesel Generator, a 30KVA 3-phase unit designed for quiet operation, suitable for various applications requiring reliable power supply.