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100A Automatic Transfer Switch | 3 Phase Change-Over Panel

Reliable 100A three phase automatic transfer switch, with a AF52.40 ABB circuit breaker, suitable for a 50-60kva generator.

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Reliable 100A three phase automatic transfer switch, with a AF52.40 ABB circuit breaker, suitable for a 50kVA & 60kVA generators.

Product Description: 100A Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Panel – UK

Ensure uninterrupted power supply and protect your electrical systems with our high-quality Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Panel, designed to meet the specific needs of the UK market. This robust and reliable ATS panel is your key to seamless power transitions during utility outages or fluctuations, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including homes, businesses, and industrial facilities.

Key Features of the 100A Change-Over Switch:

1. IP65 Protection Level: Our ATS panel features a sturdy metallic distribution case with a hinged frontal door, offering excellent protection against dust and water ingress. This ensures the panel’s durability and long-lasting performance, even in challenging environments.

2. Auxiliary Circuits with Fuse Protection: The ATS panel includes auxiliary circuits protected by fuses, enhancing safety and preventing damage to vital components. With terminal blocks for auxiliary connections, wiring and setup become hassle-free.

3. Signal Lamps: Stay informed about the power source with signal lamps that indicate the availability of mains or generator power. These lamps provide clear status updates, giving you peace of mind during power transfers.

4. Power Circuits: The heart of the ATS panel comprises 4-pole changing-over contactors, both electrically and mechanically interlocked. This design ensures secure and reliable power switching between the main and generator sources, making it suitable for 3-phase applications. The cable sections are carefully selected to match the nominal power requirements, further enhancing efficiency and safety. Terminal blocks are also provided for easy connections.


  • Rated Current: 100A
  • Phase: 3-Phase

Whether you need a dependable ATS panel for residential backup power, industrial equipment protection, or commercial applications, our Automatic Transfer Switch Panel is the ideal choice. It guarantees smooth and efficient power transitions, safeguarding your operations from disruptions.

Invest in the peace of mind that comes with a top-quality ATS panel designed for the UK market. Trust in the reliability and performance of our product to keep your electrical systems running seamlessly, even in challenging conditions.

For all your automatic transfer switch needs in the UK, including generator compatibility and 3-phase support, our 100A ATS panel is the solution you can rely on.

Additional information

Key Specification

Product Code: ATS-100

– Change over panel (protection level IP65)
– Metallic distribution case with hinged frontal door
– Auxiliary circuits protected by fuses
– Terminal blocks for auxiliary connections
– Signal lamps (main/genset line available, load source by main/genset)
– Power circuits:
-4 poles changing-over by electrical and mechanical interlocked contactors Cable section adequate to the nominal power
-Terminal block


Amp: 100A
Generator kVA: 50-60
Breaker Model: AF52.40 ABB
POWER CABLE SECTION (mmq): 25 (35mm for 60KVA)


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