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500KVA Diesel Generator – Cummins Engine – TC550 – Target Power

Power rating 500KVA Prime / 550KVA Standby, 3 Phase, 400-415Volts. Comes with a Cummins QSZ13-G3 diesel engine coupled with a Stamford S5L1D-C4. Built into a robust soundproofed canopy. Ideal for standby applications. Designed and manufactured in the UK for Target Power Generators.

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Target Power Generator Cummins 500KVA 3 Phase Diesel Generator – Model TC550

As a trusted name in the industry, with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing diesel generators, Target Power Generators proudly presents our high-performance TC-Series 500kVA diesel generator, designed to provide reliable standby power when you need it most.

This industrial 3 phase diesel generator, comes equipped with the renowned Cummins QSZ13-G3 engine, coupled to a globally recognised Stamford S5L1D-C4 alternator. Controlled by the industry leading control module Deep Sea Electronics ensuring exceptional performance. 

The Target Power TC550 is housed into a robust low noise acoustic canopy, with a 800L base fuel tank. The diesel generator is standby ready, fitted with an engine coolant heater, battery charger and circuit breaker as standard. 

Our TC550 500KVA Cummins diesel generator comes complete with a UK Nationwide 1 Year standby warranty. 

Power Rating Of The TC550

The TC550 produces a prime power rating of 500 kVA and a standby power rating of 550 kVA. The generator is 50hz, 3 Phase 400-415V and runs at 1500rpm. 

Powered By a reliable Cummins QSZ13-G3 Engine

The Target Power 550 kVA standby diesel generator is powered by a reliable QSZ13-G3 6 cylinder Cummins engine. Cummins diesel generator engines are recognised in the industry for their step load performance and overall reliability.  

Reliable Diesel Generator Control Module:

The generator comes fitted with a Deep Sea Electronics DSE6120 control module at standard. The control module is designed to be easy to use and is perfect for manual or automatic mains failure operation. 

The comprehensive control module allows manual start, remote start and displays full engine and alternator parameter monitoring. 

You can connect a USB cable to the control module, to further customise the settings to suit a range of applications.

This generator is automatic transfer switch compatible. Using an optional automatic transfer switch (ATS), the generator can sense when the mains supply fails and automatically transfers the load when the mains power is lost. The generator also transfers the load back again, once the mains comes on. We can supply the ATS panels separate or affix them inside or onto the generator depending on the application required. 

Noise Reducing Soundproofed Canopy:

The soundproofed canopy is design to give a low noise level of  84dba @ 1m  and 72dba @ 7m (no load), the canopy is mounted onto a sturdy welded steel base frame, which comes complete with anti-vibration mountings to help aid reduce noise levels.

The acoustic canopy itself is produced from thick galvanised steel, which has been powder coated. All the doors are lockable, providing additional security. 

The residential silencer is housed within a separate compartment in the canopy, this reduces noise levels. The silencer is also fitted with a rain cap to protect the silencer from the elements.  

Our Cummins powered Diesel generators come with forklift points in the base, making it easy to transport the generator and put into position. 

Target Power also design and manufacture super silent generators, which ideal for applications which require drastic noise reductions, this may be due to the generator being ran in domestic areas, for stage power and rental applications. Our super silent range can reach as little at 65dba @ 1m, based on 0% load in open field conditions.

Built In Fuel Tank:

All of our Target Power Generators come with a robust powered coated base fuel tanks as standard. The TC550 comes with a 800 litre tank as standard, however we can upgrade the generator to offer larger base fuel tanks to such as 1000L, 1000L & more, to suit your application. 

The fuel is filled internally, however we can fit 3 way valves or automatic fuel filling pumps to allow for external fuel tank connection. 

Reliable Diesel Generator For The UK Market:

The Target Power standby diesel generator range of diesel generators are ideal for various critical power, industrial power and commercial applications. 

Check out some of the key features below-

·      Compliant to European CE Mark and UKCA standards

·      High quality noise educing canopy, designed to produce as little as 72 dBA at 7M (no load)

·      Full weatherproof canopy, suitable for construction and harsh terrains

·      User friendly but feature packed Deepsea electronics generator control module

·      Standby ready, complete with crank battery, battery charger, water jacket heater and circuit breaker

·      Easy lift, lift the generator from under the base or using the designated lifting eyes, or via the forklift points In the base.

·      8-12 hours base fuel tank, integrated into the robust canopy base.

Additional information

Model Specs

Model reference: TC550 (Canopied)
Engine: Cummins QSZ13-G3
Alternator: Stamford S5L1D-C4
Control panel: Deepsea DSE6120
Frequency: 50Hz
Engine speed: 1500rpm
Phase / Poles 3-Phase / 4-Pole

Power Rating

Prime Power (PRP) 400 kw / 500 kVA
Standby Power (ERP) 440 kw / 550 kVA


4200 x 1685 x 2530 LWH MM
800L Fuel Tank


Target Power










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