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Kohler SDMO 10LCA Diesel Generator – 8.3KW 1PH

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  • » 10.4 kVA Maximum Power & 9 kVA Continuous Power
  • » 1 x 230v 16amp, 1 x 230v 32amp, 2 x 115v 16amp, 2 x 115 32amp
  • » 27L Fuel Tank
  • » Single Phase Generator
  • » Kohler Stage V Engine
  • » Ideal for trade, Home DIY, Home backup, Construction & more
  • » 3 Year Warranty

£5,700.00 ex. VAT - £6,840.00 inc. VAT



The Kohler SDMO 10LCA DIESEL SILENCE 8.3 kw Single-Phase Diesel Generator – Your Trusty Backup Power Solution!

When reliability meets tranquility, you get the Kohler SDMO 10LCA SILENCE generator, your ultimate source of uninterrupted power. Designed to keep your home or business running smoothly during those critical moments, this silent diesel generator is powered by a robust KOHLER engine, the KDW702. Here’s why it’s your ideal choice:

Powerhouse Performance:

The DIESEL SILENCE boasts an impressive 8.30 kW of maximum power, ensuring your critical appliances and equipment remain operational, whether at home or work. Need something with a little bit more power? Then check out the Target Power TB22-1PH 22kVA Back Up Diesel Generator.

Efficient Fuel Consumption:

Fueled by diesel, it features a 27-liter tank, consuming just 2.60 liters per hour at 75% load, providing you with 10.40 hours of autonomy.

Silent Guardian:

The DIESEL SILENCE 10LCA Generator lives up to its name with a sound power level of only 94 dB(A). At 1 meter or 7 meters away, it maintains acoustic pressure levels of 78 dB(A) and 65 dB(A), respectively.

Reliable Engine:

Powered by a KOHLER O.H.V. diesel engine, the KDW702, it guarantees smooth starts and includes oil shutdown for added safety. With a 690 cm³ displacement and 1.60-liter oil system capacity, it’s built to last.

Advanced Alternator:

Featuring brushless technology, this generator offers stable power output, ensuring the protection of your sensitive electronics.

Comprehensive Control Panel:

The control panel features a UK plug type, including 2 115V 16A sockets, 2 115V 32A sockets, 1 230V 16A socket, 1 230V 32A socket, an emergency stop button, an hour meter, an indicator, and an APM202 interface for precise monitoring.

Sturdy and Compact:

With dimensions of 121.10 cm (L) x 79 cm (W) x 105.60 cm (H) and a dry weight of 310 kg, the DIESEL SILENCE is designed to withstand the test of time.

Secure Packaging:

Your generator arrives securely packaged in a box, with dimensions of 122.20 cm (L) x 80.40 cm (W) x 105.60 cm (H) and a weight of 316 kg.

Product Advantages:

  • 3-Year Guarantee: Enjoy peace of mind with a 3-year warranty on your generating set.
  • KOHLER Water-Cooled Engine: Trust in the reliability of the water-cooled industrial engine.
  • Exceptionally Silent: Designed with soundproofing and shock-resistant panels for whisper-quiet operation.
  • Hydrocarbons Bulk Tank: Conveniently designed for fuel storage.

Accessories Included:

  • User and Maintenance Manual
  • Lifting Eye
  • Maintenance-Free Battery
  • Hour Meter

Order Your SDMO 10LCA DIESEL SILENCE Small Diesel Generator Today!

Experience the power, silence, and dependability of the DIESEL SILENCE 8.30 kW Single-Phase Diesel Generator. Keep your essential operations running smoothly and protect your valuable equipment with this silent powerhouse.

Additional information

Product Details

Manufacturer: Kohler SDMO
Continuous KVA 9.00 KVA
Maximum KVA 10.40 KVA
Continuous KW 7.20 KW
Maximum KW 8.30 KW
Sockets 1 x 230v 16amp, 1 x 230v 32amp, 2 x 115v 16amp, 2 x 115 32amp
Fuel Type: Diesel
Run Time: 10.40 hours
Noise Level at 7m: 65 dB(A)
Fuel Capacity: 27.00L
Starting Method: Electric
Frequency: 50Hz


Weight: 310.00kg
Dimensions (WxHxL): 790 x 1056 x 1211mm


Kohler SDMO








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