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Kohler SDMO 6.5KVA 1PH Diesel Generator – 6000A

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  • » 6.5 kVA Maximum Power & 6.0 kVA Continuous Power
  • » 1x 115V 16A socket, 1 x 115V 32A socket, 1 x 230V 16A socket, and 1 x 230V 32A socket
  • » 27L Fuel Tank
  • » Kohler Stage V Engine
  • » Ideal for trade, Home DIY and construction sites
  • » 3 Year Warranty

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The Kohler SDMO 6000A DIESEL SILENCE 6.5 kVA Single-Phase Diesel Generator – Your Trusty Continuous Running Solution!

Are you in need of a reliable and efficient power source for your professional applications? Look no further than the Kohler SDMO 6000A Silence C5 Diesel Generator. With a robust 6.5KVA capacity, this small diesel generator is designed to deliver both long run times and an extended lifespan, making it the ideal choice for demanding tasks.

Power Rating Of The 6000A DIESEL SILENCE Generator

The small diesel generator produces 6kVA continuous power and 6.5kVA maximum power. The generator is single phase and is rated at 230-240V. Need something with a bit more power? Then the Kohler SDMO 10LCA with 8.2KW may be a good option for you.

What Sockets Does The 6000A DIESEL SILENCE Come With

The generator comes complete with 1 x 115V 16A socket, 1 x 115V 32A socket, 1 x 230V 16A socket, and 1 x 230V 32A socket. Having a versatile range of sockets means this generator can power various pieces of equipment at any one time. It’s ideal for powering power tools, small machinery, and more. The yellow 110-115V sockets mean the generator is construction site ready.

Smart Technology for Hassle-Free Maintenance

One of the standout features of this generator is the inclusion of Generator Smart Care, a cutting-edge Bluetooth-enabled system compatible with all the brand’s portable generators. This innovative technology opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to access:

  • Generator List: Keep track of all your generators effortlessly.
  • Maintenance Due Dates: Never miss a maintenance deadline again.
  • Maintenance Aid: Get expert guidance for maintenance tasks.
  • Reseller Partner Map: Locate authorized partners conveniently.


APM202 Control Panel for Total Control

The APM202 control panel takes convenience to the next level. It provides real-time information on crucial parameters such as overspeed, starting failure, oil pressure, battery status, and temperature. With this level of insight, you can ensure your generator operates at its peak performance.

Environmental Compliance

Our generator is fully compliant with Stage V (2016/1628 EU) regulations, meeting the stringent requirements for gaseous and pollutant emission limits in Europe. You can operate this generator with peace of mind, knowing that it adheres to the latest environmental standards.

Quiet, Compact, and Low Maintenance

Designed with your comfort in mind, this genset is not only quiet but also compact, making it easy to integrate into your workspace. Maintenance is simplified thanks to easily accessible components, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal productivity.

Three-Year Guarantee

To provide you with added confidence, this generating set is backed by a three-year guarantee, demonstrating our commitment to quality and durability.

KOHLER Air-Cooled Industrial Engine

The heart of this generator is a KOHLER air-cooled industrial engine, renowned for its reliability and efficiency. It ensures consistent and efficient power generation for your needs. With the engine being Stage V compliant, the generator is suitable for continuous running applications throughout the UK.

Silent Operation with an Hour Meter

Experience the benefits of a very silent generator. Additionally, the connection interface is equipped with an hour meter, allowing you to keep track of usage effortlessly.

Hydrocarbons Bulk Tank

For your convenience, this generator comes with a hydrocarbons bulk tank, reducing the need for frequent refueling and ensuring continuous operation.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own the Kohler SDMo 6000A Silence C5 Diesel Generator, the epitome of power, efficiency, and convenience. Secure your reliable power source today and elevate your professional applications to new heights. For Kohler SDMo 6000A generators for sale, look no further – you’ve found the solution you’ve been searching for.

Additional information

Product Details

Manufacturer: Kohler SDMO
Product Code: 6000A

Continuous KVA 6.00 KVA
Maximum KVA 6.50 KVA
Continuous KW 4.50 KW
Maximum KW 4.90 KW

Sockets 1 x 115V, 16A socket, 1 x 115V, 32A socket, 1 x 230V, 16A socket & 1 x 230V, 32A socket

Fuel Type: Diesel
Run Time: 22.50 hours

Starting Method: Electric
Frequency: 50Hz


Noise Level at 7m 63 dB(A)
Weight 198.00kg
Dimensions (WxHxL) 615 x 960 x 990mm
Fuel Capacity 27.00L


Kohler SDMO








110-115V, 230-240V


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