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Premium CAT™ 200kVA Diesel Generator DE200GC

  • » 180 kVA Prime / 200 kVA Standby Power
  • » 400-415V Three Phase
  • » 8 Hour Base Fuel Tank
  • » CATERPILLAR C7.1 Engine
  • » Automatic Start Controller
  • » Silent Type
  • » Ideal business back up or construction applications




The Caterpillar DE200GC Diesel Generator 200KVA.

This high-end CAT™ 200kVA generator exemplifies the brand’s prestigious reputation and is designed to meet even the most demanding power requirements. With a robust construction and advanced technology, this premium generator ensures seamless and uninterrupted power supply in any situation.

This reliable 200kVA Soundproofed diesel generator, by Caterpillar, comes with an UK Nationwide warranty. You can download the DE200GC data sheet here and learn more about this heavy duty diesel generator.

Power Rating Of  The 200 kVA Three Phase Generator Caterpillar

The generator produces a standby rating of 200 kVA / 160 KW. It’s three-phase, operating at 400-415V and 50Hz. Need something with a little bit more power? Then check out the Caterpillar 217 kVA DE220GC.

Powerful C7.1 CAT™ Diesel Engine

Trust the Caterpillar DE200GC Diesel Generator with CATERPILLAR C7.1 Diesel engine for all your power needs, as it delivers reliability and versatility in one powerful package.

Powerful and Versatile: Caterpillar DE200GC Diesel Generator – Your Reliable Solution for Standby, Industrial, and Commercial Applications

The Caterpillar DE200GC Diesel Generator, equipped with the powerful CAT™ C7.1 Diesel engine, delivers an impressive output of 200KVA, making it the perfect solution for a wide range of applications. This soundproofed industrial generator ensures efficient and uninterrupted power supply in standby, industrial, and commercial settings.

Whether you require a reliable backup power source for critical operations, need to support heavy machinery on a construction site, or seek a dependable power solution for your commercial establishment, the DE200GC generator is your trusted companion.

High Quality Noise Reduction Canopy:

With its advanced technology and meticulously designed soundproofing, it operates quietly while providing exceptional performance, guaranteeing peace of mind and productivity in any environment.

Control at Your Fingertips:

Equipped with a reliable and user friendly control module, this generator offers effortless control. It ensures smooth transitions during power outages, making it an ideal backup generator for critical applications. The control panel offers comprehensive data, where you can check all the perimeters offered from the generator set, and also features automatic shutdown protection systems. You can learn more about the CAT™ control module here. 

Easy Caterpillar Generator Maintenance:

The CAT™ DE200GC makes ease of servicing, with its spacious design and easy access service points. Servicing the Caterpillar generator regular, ensures longevity and optimal performance form the generator. The Target Power Generators team can help you with your generator servicing, our services are nationwide. Call us today – 0333 0344554 or fill out the contact form on the contact us page.

Additional information

Key Features

-Model Number – DE200GC
-Standby (KVA) – 200KVA
-3 Phase

Engine Features

-Powered by – CATERPILLAR C7.1
-Engine Cooling System – Water Cooled Engine
-Fuel Type – Diesel

Standard Features

– Control panel viewing window in a lockable access door
– Emergency stop push button mounted on enclosure exterior.
– Base fuel tank
– Exhaust muffler with rain cap.
– Excellent Service and Maintenance Access
– Large doors for easy servicing
– Low noise level


LWH MM – 3325 x 1134 x 1666 (estimated)
Weight KG – 1931(estimated)












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